Project Ignite Workout

Posted on 14 July 2014

A few weeks ago we introduced you to the inspirational and talented ladies of Project Ignite. Lyndsay Pekin, Zoe Timmers, Shannon McCann, and Brianna Beahan created Project Ignite, a track and field initiative, to build a network of athletes aiming to make the Australian Athletics Team and foster confidence, self belief and team spirit among members. 

The girls have put together a fast paced barefoot beach workout that will quickly tone up and strengthen your legs and have you training like Australia's best track athletes. To make the session much more fun, bring along a pal for a bit of friendly competition! 

Warm up
Start with a 5 minute jog along the sand + stretch

Mark out a 30 metre stretch of sand, and try some of these drills:
2x 30 metres runs
2x 30 metres backward runs
2x '30 metres 'Grapevine' - sidestepping action, one leg goes over the other, then behind
2x 30 metres of hop-hop-step - just as it sounds! You hop along the sand twice, then take a step to change legs
2x 10 bounds along the sand - make these different to your runs by aiming for air time!
2x 10 forward squat jumps - squat down and push off, aim to get as far along the sand as you can in 10 jumps! 
Walk back to your starting point after each drill to recover.

2x 30m sprints with a standing start
2x 30m sprints with a lying start (flat on your belly with your hands under your chin!)

Challenge yourself: If you can find a slope, try the sprints uphill for some extra burn!

Check out the below video of the Project Ignite ladies smashing their barefoot beach workout.
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