Vie Active Workout Series: Xtend Barre

Posted on 03 July 2014

Welcome to the Vie Active Workout Series, we are all about providing you with the latest health and fitness trends and this month our Vie Activists are sharing their workouts to inspire you to move and challenge yourself in different ways. These ladies sweat for a living and love teaching others through their passion for health and fitness. 
First up, Rockell Williamson a Vie Activist, International Director of Xtend Barre and owner of Xtend Barre Sydney, shares why Xtend Barre is the premier ballet barre workout and shows us a few of her favourite Xtend Barre exercises that you can do outside of the studio. 
What are the benefits of an Xtend Barre workout?
Xtend Barre is such a well rounded programme. Xtend Barre really is a total body workout where you benefit from both strength and toning exercises to cardio and stretching. The results are stunning with a longer, leaner physique and better posture. Our workouts are done in nurturing environments where everyone supports your physical journey and there is a lovely community feel at our studios. Even through all the hard work and often shaking legs, everyone has fun! 

What are the best pre and post workout snacks for this type of workout?  
Pre workout snacks that are great are some dried fruit and nuts or a bliss ball packed with goodness like chia seeds. You don’t want to go to class on a very full tummy. It will make you feel ill once you start working out and the core section is never fun on a very full stomach.
After class try a green juice with lots of ginger. In this cooler weather you can never get enough ginger! 

Why are your gym bag essentials to ensure you're equipped for this type of workout? 
WATER and Xtend Barre grip socks! We also suggest to our guests that they wear form fitting clothing so our instructors can correct technique throughout the class. 

Rockell and Jen from Xtend Barre Sydney put together an Xtend Barre inspired workout that can be done at home or the local park. Try these out to tone those glutes and thighs!

Facing park bench. Feet together, standing tall, lift the heels and then lower with control. Repeat slowly x8 and then with increased tempo x16

Parallel Plies
After your final releve, hold the heels high and bend your knees, taking your plies to your challenge zones. Stretch the legs back to start position. Repeat x8. On the last repitition hold parallel plie in challenge zone and perform very small pulses x16. Remember to keep your spine long, abdominals engaged and heels and inner thighs connected.

Second Position Plie
Step 1
- Step feet to 2nd position with the feet in natural turn out

Step 2 - Bend knees to 2nd position plie. Ensure that your knees are going over your toes and not falling in. Extend the knees to return to standing. Repeat x8. On last repitition hold the 2nd position plie for 8 counts and then perform x16 small pulses. 

Step 3 - Advanced. To increase the challenge, hold your last position plie and lift your lower heels x8. On the last repition maintain the lifted hell (releve position) and performan again the small pulses x8-16.

Passe Press
From a deep 2nd position plie, transfer your weight on to the inside leg drawing the outside leg to passe position. Return with control back to your 2nd position plie. Repeat x16 on both sides. Remember to land in the 2nd position plie with control keeping your spine long. Our plies are not like a gym squat. Think long spine, chest proud. On the passe action draw the big toe high to the knee. You should feel on your balance and work towards doing this with both arms going to high 5th position.

Fold Over Series
Flex at the hips to rest forehead on genie arm position. Ensure your hips are square, shoulders neutral, neck long, abs engaged to support your back. Maintain at all times a small bend in the supporting knee. Slide one leg behind you to a long line. Hold the position for 8 counts. Perform 8 small pulses (they should be very small) Perform 8 baby circles in each direction and hold for one more count of 8. Remember to keep perfect from. Nothing should be moving, only the working leg. You will feel your deep stabilizers firing on the supporting leg. Repeat exact series on the other leg followed by a glute stretch

Fold Over Advanced Option 1
Perform the Fold Over series on releve. Only attempt this advancement if you have strong ankles and able to perform the first series well

Fold Over Advanced Option 2
This advancement is for endurance, add on 8 - 16 hamstring curls to increase the length of your fold over series. Only perform if you are strong in the standard fold over series and have enough ankle strength.

Power Plank
Step 1 - Set yourself up in a strong plank position. Support the lower back by keeping the abdominals engaged. If the position is too strong create your plank at the park bench instead until you build enough strength to do as in picture.

Step 2
- Draw one leg up to Passe position and then extend back towards the other ankle (try not to touch the floor) Repeat x8 then rest in to childs pose and repeat on the other side. Work towards without a between each side. 

We hope you have enjoyed your Xtend Barre mini workout in the park in your best Vie Active gear. Take your time working up towards the recommended repetitions and finish each session with a good thigh and glute stretch to reward your muscles. Listen to your body and rest when you need to and modify and advance as needed. And... don't forget to have fun! 

Meet you at the Barre. 


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