Guilt Free Winter Recipes

Posted on 30 June 2014

Winter is a time where we tend to soften up around the middle and crave all the naughty things we know we shouldn't be eating - simple carbs and unhealthy sweet treats. It is so easy to make simple and healthy substitutes for the winter foods you love so you don't have to miss out on your favourite dishes and treats. We have put together our favourite healthy winter dishes to inspire you to make healthier food choices. 

Zucchini Linguini - The Healthy Chef 
Traditional pasta is packed full of simple carbs which are heavily processed and contain minimal nutritional value for the body. A great alternative which is not only delicious but kind to your waistline is to create your own linguini from zucchini with a mandoline. Zucchini linguini is nutrient dense, kind to your digestive system and can be served either raw or lightly heated. The Healthy Chef has added baby spinach leaves, home made basil, parmesan and roasted pine nuts to complete this dish. See the recipe >

Sweet Potato Fries- Souvlaki for the Soul
Having hot chips from the local take away store on a cold day is a naughty habit a lot of us have. Deep frying an already carb dense food such as potato in oil is a sure way to stack on the kilos and drag down your metabolism. Instead, try oven baking julienned sweet potato fries in a stable oil (try rice bran) that is seasoned with salt and pepper to taste. Add ground cinnamon for a beautiful combination of flavours. 

Kale Chips - Plan to Eat 
When we sit down to watch a movie all we want to do is reach for the potato chips. Similar to hot chips, these bad boys are full of unhealthy fats, simple carbs and a ridiculous amount of salt. Make a super healthy alternative with kale - a nutrient dense powerhouse food we can't get enough of! Not only does it boast high amounts of antioxidants, studies have shown it has inflammatory and cancer preventative properties too.
To make kale chips, rub small pieces of kale with a stable oil (again, try rice bran), place them on a baking tray and season to taste with pink himalayan salt and fresh pepper. For added taste (and presentation) sprinkle with sesame seeds or paprika. See the recipe >

Cauliflower Crust Pizza - Popsugar 
Getting take away pizza can be a quick, easy (and often welcomed) option for the family on a winters night. These pizzas are often packed full of carbs, fat making and salt and should be avoided as often as possible. Instead, gather the family for a make your own pizza night! Get the kids involved and increase the nutritional value of your pizza by making the base out of cauliflower and topping it with loads of great veggies. We thought this sounded way too good to be true so we tried it ourselves and we haven't looked back! The cauliflower base is just as crunchy, tasty as traditional pizza dough but so much you won't feel as guilty when you eat the WHOLE pizza. See the recipe >

Healthy Hot Chocolate - The Healthy Chef
Having a hot chocolate is the ULTIMATE winter indulgence. Usually full of sugar, we have a super healthy alternative packed with antioxidants, calcium and iron that will have you feeling great instead of guilty. The biggest tip here is to find a really good quality cocoa powder, we love the brand Loving Earth. See the recipe > 

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