Monday Motivation Mantras

Posted on 09 June 2014

At times, it's inevitable; waking up on the wrong side of the bed in a bad mood, sets a bad tone for your entire day. While there are plenty of reasons to wake up in the morning, sometimes you need a little extra motivation to get out of bed and put on your runners. 

This is where the morning mantra comes in - a simple phrase that can be thought or said first thing every morning. These mantras or 'personal messages to the world' are great psychological tools to drive your thoughts in a positive direction and assist you to stay on track to being your happiest and healthiest self. 

We ask you to find a mantra or motivational message that personally resonates with you and and make these words your first priority of the morning. We want you to notice and feel the change that positive thinking can bring. 

We asked some of our Vie Activists what their personal mantras are that keep them motivated, positive and focused on the important things in life. 

Noa Ries -
Co-founder of Vie Active
If you’re not living on the edge you’re taking up too much room. Break down your restrictive boundaries and make a point of testing them. Push against them. Break through them! Find your edge and be FEARLESS, for every accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Be bold. Be audacious. Be fearless!

Chelsea Yamase - 
Model, international journalist and adventure guru
Make time for yourself. Build a life you truly love. Be fearless. It is all possible.
It's my belief that people who are active are happier people, sometimes "life" just gets in the way of giving that gift to ourselves so my message tries to encourage people to prioritize themselves and their health.

Susan Robinson - Fitness professional and competitive cyclist
Live the life you love, be the best you can be, treat others as you would like to be treated, don’t confuse effort with success, live laugh love
These are some things that have resonated with me and they are easy mantras to follow when I can’t think clearly. Some of my biggest ‘ah-ha!’ moments have come from unexpected experiences and people. Don’t be afraid to try something new, listen to others, accept help and laugh at yourself.

Katrina Loop - Physiotherapist, nutritionist and yoga teacher
Life is too short to be doing things that you don’t really care about, or to be spending it with people that don’t add value to your life. There are so many distractions we face today, people really need to be mindful about getting sucked into them, rather than spending time with the people they love, and doing things that truly make them happy. We get each moment once. Make it count.

Vibeke Murphy - Chiropractor and yoga teacher
Live a healthy, authentic, active life and you’ll naturally be more energised and positive within yourself. The more energised and positive you feel the more you’ll be able to share good love and positivity with those around you. Live each day with gratitude and grace.

Base Body Babes - Personal training sister duo
Diana: Your body is your temple, be good to yourself and treat your body with love and respect. Fuel your soul with wholesome, nutritious meals and train like you’ve never trained before!
Felicia:  Eat well, train hard, be healthy, be happy and feel great everyday.

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