Celebrating Our Vie Activists: Libby Babet

Posted on 12 June 2014

This month we are celebrating our 'Vie Activists' whom wholly embrace all that our brand stands for. They are ambassadors for the Vie Active mission of active living and continually to inspire us to be the best and healthiest version of ourselves. 

Libby wears the Judy Jacket and the Tanya Dance Short in Black Leopard.

Libby Babet is a multi tasking health and fitness superstar who is the founder of two Bondi based businesses; Bottoms Up Fitness and Agoga Gym. She is also a Fitness Expert for Women’s Fitness Magazine and regular contributor for Yahoo!7 and Lifestyle YOU. 
Her approach to fitness is to make it fun, stimulating and exciting – and something that fits in with people’s unique lifestyles. This approach is what makes Libby such an inspirational success and why her clients see amazing results!

We chatted to Libby to see which Vie Active pieces she loves and what her workout essentials are. 

Libby wears the Tanya Dance Short in Black Leopard and Lisa Merino Striped Tank

1. What are your 3 favourite Vie Active pieces and why?
The Libby Hoodie - I'm totally renowned for my love of hoodies and not only is this one is named after me, it was also part of the first ever Vie Active range, so it's practically vintage! hehe...
The Tanya Dance Short in Black Leopard- I LOVE short shorts... but not tooooo short. These are the perfect fit and black leopard is my fave Vie Active signature print, so it's a win-win.
The Rockell Compression Tights in Lava - My most recent purchase! They are SO comfy & silky, with a subtle print that goes with everything. Perfect for a run, or a social brunch!
Just 3!? Coz if I can sneak a 'bonus' item in, I love the Lori Sports Bras in EVERY colour. The only sports bras that give me a little cleavage AND are perfect for surfing too!
2. What are your gym bag essentials?
I have really sensitive skin, so I have to be careful with caring for it immediately post-workout. For that reason, my top 3 gym bag must-haves are all basic face care products that cleanse and calm the skin after a session.
1. Face cleansing wipes. I love Simple and Wotnot brands, as they're gentle on my skin.
2. Aspect Dr Redless Serum - it's calming and anti-inflammatory, so it gets me from bright red to meeting-ready in no time.
3. A good quality mineral makeup. I like the compact kind, no messy loose powders! Current faves are Dermaquest and Jane Iredale.

3. What type of workout is essential to your weekly routine? 
There are 5 kinds I try to get in each week..
1.Exploratory/play session. This is where I link up with another trainer at Agoga and we challenge ourselves to create a workout made entirely of brand new moves, or combinations. This keeps me motivated and ensures I'm always doing my research and bringing cutting-edge new workouts to my clients.
2. Circuit session involving agility and plyometric exercises, as well as sprints. This is where the good stuff happens!
3. Cardio interval sesh. I love cardio, but I hate long runs, so I mix shorter run intervals with high repetition bodyweight moves to boost cardio, while still enjoying myself!
4. Resistance workout. Here's where I lift a little heavier and get my functional core training done.
5. Recovery movement. This could be a yoga class, myofascial release, a long jog/walk followed by a stretch, a dance class, or a good massage!

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