How to stay motivated during winter

Posted on 14 May 2014

When the weather’s chilly, all your instincts tell you to stop, hide under the covers and seek comfort foods, right? Well we don't think all your hard work through the summer months should go belly-up (literally) over winter. Here's some top tips by sweat professional and Vie Active ambassador Libby Babet on how to stay motivated over winter.

Start with “why”

What’s the driving reason for why you workout? Is it to train up for an event? To be a more active parent? To challenge yourself, or boost your focus for work? Is it to feel good about yourself, or to gain a little headspace and ”you” time? Or do you exercise simply because it’s a core part of who you are, because you love it and are a true athlete at heart? Whatever your reason, take a moment to reflect on exactly why you workout in the first place, then remind yourself of it every time your resolve waivers.

Make a plan

Literally sit down, whip out your calendar, check out what you’ve got on your plate over the next few months and plan your training schedule. If you don’t, it’s likely you’ll give in to temptation and hit ‘snooze’ way too many times! Be specific…

  • If you’re going to commit to 3 x sessions per week, book them in advance and put them in your diary. Then get excited about them!
  • Competitive types – search the web for cool and challenging events coming up and put your hat in the ring, then make a “backwards plan” for your training. It’s amazing how much a goal helps! Stuck for ideas? Try the Spartan Race, or sign up for Sydney's upcoming City2Surf in August

Remember: Consistency wins over an OTT training plan every time. Committing to 3-4 good quality sessions per week and actually showing up to them is way more motivating than aiming for 6 days per week and falling short of your benchmark every time. Set realistic goals that allow for a few cheeky sleep-in days and you’re more likely to stick with the plan.

Mix it up

This is more important now than at any other time of the year. Why? Because to feel like you’re still connecting with the world around you as the days get shorter, getting outdoors for a few sessions each week is super important, but at the same time, if you have to head out into the cold every day, it’s likely to wear you down. Find the right balance between indoor/outdoor for you and if even that’s getting tired, try a whole new style of workout to keep your motivation up.

Get sneaky

If you’re a morning exerciser but literally can’t stop snoozing, put your alarm clock or phone across the other side of the room, forcing yourself to get out of bed to turn it off. We all know actually getting out from under the covers and getting moving is the hardest part, right? Once that’s done, it’s ON!

Another trick that works for me is to lay out my gym gear before I go to bed – shoes and everything. When I wake up, I don’t think “I need to train”, I just think “I need to get dressed”. Once I’m dressed, I’m up so I might as well train… right!

Dress for success

Whether you train outdoors, or just need to navigate the distance between home and the gym in comfort, you need to have clothes that are warm and that motivate you to get up and train. We love our Phoebe hoodie for this, the perfect item to throw on and rug up in on cold winter mornings, the merino wool helps keep you the perfect temperature. Add a great pair of our Rockell Compression tights to help get the blood flowing - and who doesn't get excited about exercising in a bit of leopard?

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Have a go-to home workout on hand

Because there are always going to be “those” days when your gym, bootcamp, or run session just isn’t going to happen. Even if it’s something as simple as 50 reps each of 5 of your favourite exercises (squats, pushups, lunges, rows, burpees work a treat), doing something is WAY better than nothing, even if it’s just a quick hit-out to clear your head and fire up your metabolism for the day.

Last but not least… make consistently good food choices

Some people forget the cold weather only hangs around for 3-4 months in most of Australia, then the sun’s out again and we’re back in beach mode. That’s such a short period of time to be all rugged up for, but plenty of time to pack on a few winter KGs… and there’s nothing less motivating than starting all over again with your fitness and body goals every single springtime!

It’s ok to relax a little, but employ the 80:20 rule and make sure you’re making good nutrition choices day in, day out. Greens, veggies, fruit, lean protein and good fats need to be on the menu every day, and only once the good stuff’s made its way into your belly should you even consider the naughtier options. Your immunity will thank you for it and so will your waistline.

Check out our blog post on top healthy snacks for ideas to keep you on track.

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