Fit Mum Feature: Rockell Williamson

Posted on 28 April 2014

For the month of May we want to shine light on the extraordinary strong, confident and happy women that are Fit Mums. From juggling play time to packing lunches and finding time to maintain their toned and trim physiques, these mums are true fitsporation. We caught up with some of our favourite fit mums including Xtend Barre international director, Rockell Williamson. Rockell is the amazing mother of two gorgeous boys, we find out what she teaches her kids about living an active life and what her mother taught her.

1.     What's the one thing your mum always taught you about living an active life? 
We grew up on a farm so I wasn’t so much ‘taught’ about living an active life it was just how our life was.  I rode horses every day.  Helped with chores around the farm.  We didn’t watch very much TV.  We always had great conversations at dinner where the food was simple but nutritious. We got up and got out and about.  I danced most days after school and when I wasn’t dancing or riding horses I was running around with dogs or on my bike.  I never saw my mum (or dad) be lazy and to this day they are both very active and hard workers. I think without knowing they instilled a great work ethic in me and moving your body was a part living a great active life. 

2.     Your mum is a… Inspiring mum.  (cancer survivor.  Encouraged me to chase my dreams.  Is one of the most generous human beings I know on every level.)

5.     What do you love about being a mum? 

I LOVE that as a mum I get to share my life with 2 of the greatest little think I grew them in my tummy constantly amazes me. I love that they teach me every day, I teach them and we all teach each other.

6.     What are the three most important things you teach your kids about being healthy & active? 

a)  Experimenting. They are really great at trying new foods and understanding why in our family we choose not to eat other foods or eat some things only occasionally. They get it and I love that they try and share this info with the other kids at school. We also talk about how eating well can protect your body from getting sick.

b)  Starting the day happy. It’s part of how we live a healthy life beyond what we eat.

c)   Why Fitness is important. They see me on the reformer in my office or doing things at the ballet barre and they are curious about it and want to try things or learn why it is good for your body

7.     What are some healthy snacks we can find in your kids lunch boxes?  

Roasted nori. Nuts and dried fruits. Avocado on wholeweat bread or plain rice cakes.  Fresh fruit.  Good quality cheese with a rice cracker.

8.     How do you spend time with your kids that is fun & active?

The boys love to take little hikes. My youngest dances and in Summer we spend lots of time in the pool.

9.     What are your top 3 active “mum on the go” pieces from Vie Active?

Am I allowed 4? ;)  Lori Bra for Support. Rockell leggings in any print. Lisa tank (I wear this to workout or with my jeans). Phoebe Jacket in black leopard.


10.   What are your three top tips on living an active life with kids?

a) Inspire by example. Eat and Move your body how you want them to take care of their. 
b) Enrol them in sports to see what they really like or see what the school offers.  We have a milers programme at our school and the kids run laps of the oval and win prizes when they reach goals.
c) Go on adventures.  Pack up the car with scooters and bikes and go explore different places.  they learn about nature and new places while being active and happy.

11.   Being a mum is... experiencing an unexplainable  love that comes deep from in your heart.  It’s an earthed love, deep in your gut and every fibre of your body. You know you could move heaven and earth to protect or help them.  It’s also  the hardest, yet most rewarding thing I have ever done in my life.  I have 2 amazing kids.  Blessed!

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