Top 10 take-aways from Filex by Libby Babet

Posted on 17 April 2014

FILEX the Australian Fitness and Health Expo has to be one of the biggest events in health and fitness every year. It's where PTs, nutritionists, sports stars and fitness fanatics go to find out the latest fitness trends, the most efficient ways to train, get top nutrition advice and fit in a power workout or twenty. Our super star ambassador Libby Babet from Agoga Bondi and Bottoms Up Fitness, was our ears and eyes at Filex this year. We chat to her about her top 10 take-aways that will enhance your training.

1. 360-degree training is the next BIG thing in fitness evolution

The fitness super-authorities took the "360" training approach to a whole new level at FILEX this year. This means that rather than doing movements in just one or two planes of motion, and recruiting one major muscle group, you do multi-planar movements, recruiting various muscle movements. ViPR training is one of our favourite ways to do this, incorporating 360 degree movement and strength.


2. Lift weights, but also make sure you shift weights

Squats, deadlifts, push and pull motions are important for growing muscle and gaining power, but when it comes to the crunch, it’s been proven time and again that farmers are stronger than gym junkies. The reason? They shift weight through space, in multiple load positions, rather than just lifting through one or two planes of motion. Lifting heavy weights in traditional patterns is important, but so is including multi-planer workouts with lighter loads. Yep, this will actually make you stronger AND it’ll make you feel like a Ninja too.


3. Sore back? You may need a little X-Factor!

85% of people have some kind of chronic, niggling pain. Sore lower backs in particular often stem from movement limitations in the hip, ankle, thoracic spine, or big toe (of all things!). People with chronic issues in their backs, or any one of the other areas above, will often benefit more from working out and stretching through what we call the transverse plane, than with traditional sagittal or frontal plane exercises/stretches. Experts are calling this the “X-Factor”, basically it means loading and unloading through the “X” patterns that run from your right shoulder to left hip and vice-versa. The kind of movement variations that work best will vary from person to person, depending on individual limitations. Interesting stuff!


4. ViPRs are fun

We’ve been drooling over this super fun piece of functional workout equipment for a while now, they provide a whole new style of workout and are popping up in gyms everywhere. Agoga will soon be introducing them into their classes and Fitness First already has a range of fantastic classes to try. These things will literally change your view on exercise for good. You’ll be lifting, shifting, reaching and tilting through a completely awesome new range of motion and getting leaner, faster and stronger by the session! Our favourite moves are the ViPR punch (after 5 seconds your arms will be burning) and thread the needle. Another killer is just trying to squat hold and hold a ViPR in front of you...oh the burn.


5. Training for fat loss is different to training for fitness

OK we knew this bit already but it’s all about nutrition here. Cardio and HIIT (interval) training on an empty stomach seems to be the top recommendation when your goal is specifically fat loss, whereas for fitness outcomes you need to fuel correctly pre-workout. However, the blurred lines come into it when you look at the other factors influencing fat loss specifically. Consistency creates certain changes in the body that will effect long-term fat reduction, for example. Gut flora plays a huge role in fat loss, as does getting enough good fats in your diet, so fish, avocado and both pre and probiotics should be your best friend if this is your goal (they’re also great for general health, so everyone should be jumping on this bandwagon). Depending on individual genetic markers, certain vitamins and minerals will play an important part too. Try Kombucha to naturally increase your probiotic intake, it's a great alternative to alcohol too.


6. Over-training is worse than under-training

The confusing part is that “over-training” is different for each person, so just listen to your body and rest up when you’re exhausted/sore. Recovery is where the biggest gains happen peeps, so don’t get suckered into thinking it’s all about smashing yourself every… single… day.


7. Some foods reduce depression and anxiety

Wanna feel happy and oh-so-calm? Reduce processed/packaged foods, caffeine, alcohol, pastries and foods/drinks with added sugar, as well as red meat and dairy. Include more good fats from olive oil, fish, eggs and very importantly NUTS, while boosting veggies, fruit, legumes, white meat and herbs/spices, as well as complex carbs. Smile-inducing supplements include fish oils, folate and magnesium.Try spelt rye with avocado and a poached egg for a super protein hit, packed with good fat.


8. Which kind of cardio is best: HIIT or endurance-style?

For fast-tracked results, combine the two. Interval training 3 times per week, endurance the other 2-3. For best results, mix up the different modes of cardio used in each session, for example you might do your HIIT on hills one day, then try 3-minute speed intervals the next, on the third session try plyometrics, or use circuit training. For your endurance work, you might hit the road for one long, slow and easy ‘base’ session, then take on the treadmill for a set of 5-6 x 1km speed repeats with full recovery in between. Another session might see you tackle a moderate intensity trail run of 40 minutes or so, with a few max-speed efforts lasting around 2 minutes each within the run. Enjoy those endorphins, athletes!


9. It’s confirmed; BURPEES really do rock!

So you thought burpees were some form of weird/cruel punishment huh? Nope, as it turns out, they’re actually one of the most important exercises you should be doing – and not just this week… forever!! Why? Because they help your body stay agile and remind it how to get up/down off the ground effectively, which is the most important thing ever as you age, preventing loss of balance, retaining coordination and allowing for fluidity of movement. The end result? You get to stay forever young… so drop and give us 20!


10. Too much nasty protein makes you go crazy

OK, OK, so this wasn’t exactly a pearl of wisdom delivered to us by some nutrition guru BUT when we wandered away from the hallowed halls of learning and into the exhibition hall where literally every brand of super-charged, 40-ingredient protein powder and muscle-boosting supplement on the market were on display, being handed out by dudes with bulging veins and thigh-sized biceps, all while overly-tanned women in sparkly bikinis and teased hair flexed their muscles on stage nearby… well… you sorta came to your own conclusions. Yep, too much nasty protein and weird supplements make you go crazy people. Stick to real food and clean-living supplements, or suffer the consequences!! We love Clean Lean Protein by NuZest.


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