Q and A with Ali Handley

Posted on 09 April 2014

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (What do you do, where do live? What do you love about your hometown?)
I’m a Pilates Instructor living in New York City. The studio I work at is in on the Upper East Side – right in the heart of the shopping district, directly opposite the shopping Mecca that is Barneys! But I’m a downtown girl. I live in the East Village and my whole life is basically below 14th St. I love NYC but I miss Sydney, especially Bondi and Tamarama every single day!

What or who is your biggest inspiration?
My mum – ever since I became a mum late last year I realized just how incredible and amazing my mum is and has been over my whole life!

How do you stay motivated?
Exercise is like air to me –without it I would die. Not only is it good for my body but also daily exercise makes me a much happier person.

What’s your favorite way to stay fit?
I’m totally devoted to Pilates but I love to mix it up with a soul-cycle class, I adore Physique 57 and now having a baby I love a good old fashion power walk over the Williamsburg Bridge and back.

What’s your style like when you’re working out and hanging out?
When I’m working out I’ll always have one item that has bit of “Flare” – like the Vie Active Leopard compression pants which I’m addicted to wearing. I’ll wear them with something basic like a black tank. When I’m hanging out I’m a jeans and sweater kind –a-girl – my fav jeans are Rag and Bone and I love the cashmere sweaters from Theory

What’s your style like when you’re going out?
I love shoes – so I’ll always wear a great pair of shoes with something more casual – jeans and a white tank with a lacy bra.

What are your makeup must-haves?
I don’t wear much make-up but I only use Laura Mercier Make-up – it’s the best

The book on your bedside table right now: Sadly it'sSave our Sleep – Tizzie Hall

What does living an active life mean to you?
It’s everything to me. I definitely believe in balance – there needs to be time on the couch for sure but in general exercising everyday is not only part of my job, its part of my genetic make-up.

What do you typically eat and what do you try to avoid? 
I’m a pescatarian – So I eat fish but no meat or chicken. But I LOVE veggies in juices, salads, and soups – I’m totally addicted to hummus. Wholefoods do a hummus with Jalapeno, which is amazing, but I love to make my own too. We eat loads of fresh Salmon and Tuna and at the moment I’ve fallen in love with Flaxseed and avocado oils to cook with and to drizzle on salads.

What's your workout ethos? 
Listen to your body

What do you look for in active wear?
Pants that don’t fall down! I hate having to pull my pants up throughout a workout and longevity – when you invest in good workout wear there is nothing more annoying that when they start to fall apart.

Number one reason for taking care of your body: 
So I can be strong and stay healthy to look after my family.

Message you’d send the world: 
Treat people as you would like to be treated. I believe we are all equal and we should all RESPECT one another. Be Kind to yourself and all around you.

Can you share your ‘signature’ healthy recipe?
Quinoa with sautéed Kale, pine nuts, shaved fennel and spicy yogurt dressing (fat free Greek yogurt, turmeric, minced ginger, garlic, lemon rind and lemon juice and sea salt). 

Can you share a typical workout?
I like to warm up with a planking series – it’s great to get your core engaged and excellent for heating up the body. I’ll then spend some time all the different Pilates equipment – I might do some jump board on the reformer and some kneeling arms, then move on to the Cadillac and do some side lying leg work and core work. I might then finish on the Barrel and do some extension and stretching to complete the workout.

Top 10 things always in your gym bag?
Toe Socks, headphones, thera bands, hair elastics, my Bobby water bottle, sunglasses, Lucas Pawpaw, IPhone. It’s SO cold here at the moment I have long pants, sweater, gloves and a beanie in there too.


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