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Posted on 26 March 2014


Some may say that the gym is no place place for make-up and a styled look, that if you still look good at the end of your workout then you didn't work hard enough. However, we think that if you're sweating and grimacing through a tough workout...then you'll feel more confident with a kick-ass ponytail and glowing skin. 

Here are our top tips for looking gym pretty.

1. Peppy ponytail

Do your updos lose their bounce in cardio classes? Create lift by stacking three hair ties. Firmly secure the first one around your ponytail. Tie the next one above it and repeat with the third. The width of the bands will give your pony extra height so it doesn’t droop.

 2. Light tint

Sweating through layers of makeup can not only be uncomfortable, but can lead to clogged pores. If you simply can’t go without it, go for a lighter alternative, such as a tinted moisturiser, which gives a little coverage and brightens the skin. If you’re training outside, pick one with minimum of SPF20. Reapply after the first hour, as sweating will reduce an SPF’s effectiveness. A BB cream is also a great option as it provides light coverage and works to correct and repair the skin as you wear it.

We love Model Co's BB Plus Cream for an even finish and glowing skin ($19.95)

3. Semi-permanent mascara

Don’t risk a panda-eye sweat session. A semi-permanent mascara is perfect for low-maintenance sporty types as it lasts through a few weeks’ worth of exercise and showers.It can last up to three weeks.

We recommend The Lash Studio.


4. Gym germs

Sweating draws impurities to the surface of the skin, which can congest pores. Plus the spin bikes, hand weights and yoga mats aren’t exactly germ-free. Use an antibacterial face cloth after your workout to wipe away germs and prevent breakouts.

We love Swisspers Calming Green Tea Facial Wipes


5. Cool down         

Put your favourite face mist to work post-workout – it will rehydrate the skin and reduce redness, essential before makeup application.

We love Jurlique Chamomile Soothing Mist, ($35)

6. Stylish Post-workout hoodie

To make sure you leave the gym looking stylish and fresh rather than a sweaty mess shrug on our Phoebe Black Leopard hoodie. It is made from Merino Perform fabric which is moisture wicking and temperature regulating making it the perfect post-workout companion.

What are your other gym pretty essentials?

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