Posted on 15 February 2014

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most efficient ways to workout. It allows you to combine cardio, resistance and balance based movements and work the entire body from top to toe. Plus you get the same results in 20-40 minutes as some people get in over an hour of training.
Why? Interval training keeps your heart rate elevated and different parts of your body constantly working. This means you need less rest and can workout at a more intense level.
The other benefit of HIIT training is variety. Switching up exercises not only means your body is constantly working but it also means you don't get bored! Don't feel like doing squats lunges instead. It is as easy as that.

Try out this Pick and Mix HIIT workout that you can tailor to how you feel...

Step 1: Pick your Cardio

Row (Rowing machine)
Run (Treadmill)
Cycle (Spin bike)

Step 2: Pick 4 exercises from column A and 4 exercises from column B

Column AColumn B
Body weight squatsMountain Climbers
Push upsBurpees
CrunchesOne-legged Burpees
Tricep dipsSquat Jumps
Weighted Hip Raises (5-10kg)Lunges Jumps
Kettlebell swings (8-12kg)Box Jumps
Lunge with TwistSkip
Bicycle CrunchesCrawl outs
Wall Ball SlamsStar Jumps
Plank (walking in and out legs)High Knees
Lateral raises (2-4kg)Steps ups
Tricep kick backs (2-4kg)Lateral Skates
Bicep curls (2-4kg)Shadow Box Punches


The Workout:
1. 500m Cardio (row,run or cycle)

2. Alternate 1 exercise from column A and 1 exercise from Column B for 5 minutes (Try to get 50+ reps of each in the five minutes)

Repeat 3-4 times!

Run 500m
5 Minutes of Burpees and Squats (alternating)

Run 500m
5 minutes of Mountain Climbers and Push-ups (alternating)

Run 500m
5 minutes of Box Jumps and Tricep Dips (alternating)

Run 500m
5 minutes of crawl outs and bicycle crunches (alternating)


Pick new combinations each time to keep your body guessing!

Have fun!

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