[MOVE YOUR BODY LOVE YOUR BODY] Q and A with Tanya Weeks from Vicious Cycle Bondi

Posted on 04 February 2014

  1. What is your "Love your body" mantra?

Every body can be a Vicious Body, it has to start on the inside if you want to see the result on the outside.

  1. What do you love most about yourself?(e.g. your toned arms, your ability to run ..km, your sense of humour)

I have an endless supply of energy. Actually its not endless l need to recharge a lot but the energy l give out can be motivating and inspiring l have been told so Im pretty happy to be able to pass that on.

  1. Why do you think it is so important to love your body?

Our body is our carrier its all we have and we only have one chance to experience this life as we know it. Love it..be kind to it .. give back to it everyday .. nourish it and try to make it the best it can be because all of those thing together will increase your chance to be here longer.

  1. Why do you love the type of exercise you do?

For a high energy person its an outlet! Its also combines some of the things l love most in life, music number one, performance, exercise , adrenalin rush and the ability for me to challenge myself physically every time l get on the bike.

  1. How do you nourish your body?

I eat mainly a plant based raw diet lots of green juices and smoothies and lots of super foods that charge me . l also keep hydrated from all the sweat l do by drinking a lot of coconut water but l also use Hydralyte too.

  1. What are your top three beauty tips for caring for your body?
    • Sleep!!! Best care you can give yourself, we repair and recharge in our sleep, so so important we get enough
    • Green Juice every day. Your skin glows your hair shines and things just work better on the inside
    • Massage. So important to just switch off completely and allow the muscles to relax and unwind. Yoga is good for this too but sometimes your still working just a little even in a Yin class!
  1. Do you have any advice for anyone who is struggling to love their body?

Change it! But you have to really want to. Change takes time and there is no quick fix. It’s a lifestyle. Find something that you can handle exercise wise.. try everything! When you find that one thing start small and build it up, everything thing takes time so be kind to yourself and don’t go too hard to quick. Things can change and change starts with you, no one else can do that for you!.


  1. Who is your biggest move your body, love your body inspiration?

All women that work on themselves inside and out because everyone deserves to feel good! Not enough people realize how good they can feel it’s a shame really. So when l see people putting themselves first they inspire me, regardless of careers, families and all other commitments.. it can still be done and if its not then your just hiding behind a whole lot of excuses really!


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