5 minutes with Libby Babet from Bottoms Up! Fitness & AGOGA

Posted on 23 December 2013



Get to know our friend Libby Babet from Bottoms Up! Fitness and AGOGA on her breakfast choices, favourite workouts & makeup must-haves.



Sunrise or Sunset workout? Which do you prefer?


Typical workout:

High intensity interval training, mixed with multi-plane functional resistance training (weights or body weight).

Typical breakfast:

This varies, depending on whether I’ve worked out or not, but usually something with protein (eggs, chicken, Sunwarrior protein smoothie)

What’s your ultimate healthy meal?

It’s so hard to choose – I love food and the fresher the better! I love a good fish with salad from Mongers in Bondi though, that’s hard to go past.

What are your makeup must-haves?

Mineral foundation – I love Jane Iredale, Dermaquest, or Nude by Nature.

What’s always in your gym bag?

A bikini, just in case I can fit in a quick swim at Bondi!

Best active holiday you’ve ever taken?

Surfing holidays at “The Pass” in Byron… bliss!

What totally relaxes you?

Reading a book! I love novels and the more magic contained in their pages the better. I know, I know…

What’s your biggest vice?

Dark chocolate! Let me guess… it’s yours too? ;)

What was the last thing you recommended to a friend?

Hexey – I get dinner delivered 5 days a week and I love it – healthy, organic, portion perfect meals delivered fresh every morning. The best thing ever when I get home late!

What’s always in your fridge?

Fresh coconuts, or Raw C coconut water.

What would we be surprised to find in your fridge?

Buffalo milk yoghurt. Not many people know about it but it’s a super delicious, healthy dairy alternative.

Your style icon?

Hmm… I don’t have one! But I LOVE surf gear, so I style-stalk all the surf websites for fashion ideas.

Your "healthy living" hero?

I love John Berardi from Precision Nutrition.

The wardrobe item you can’t live without:

The denim shorts I bought when I was 17 and still own today! I love these things so much that I won’t even leave them on the beach unattended while I swim, in the fear that someone will run off with them. We’ve been together for almost 15 years now and still going strong. Sigh…

The book/s on your bedside table right now:

The Wild Girl by K. Forsyth

Speed Trap by Charlie Francis

Three things on your bucket list:

Spend a week diving on Turtle Island in Fiji.

Launch AGOGA Online (watch this space…)

Have a baby (awww)

Your latest obsession:

Surfing! I’m not very good but I love being in the water.

Number one reason for living an active life:

It’s who I am. I truly couldn’t live any other way!

Message you’d send to the world:

Don’t give up what you want most for what you want right now. 

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